Page Builder

Winner comes packed with a customized version of the Visual Composer plugin.
Visually drag and drop your content to build unique and beautiful pages within a few minutes.

You get what you see

There is no longer a need to mess with shortcodes and fiddle through long pages of content.
See your page layout as it is represented on the front end live site.

It is fast & Saves time

Unlimited Design Options

Easy to use, no coding

Responsive Design Ready

Dozen of Shortcodes

You will have at your disposal dozens of shortcodes along with hundreds of intuitive options.
It will allow you to customize the look and feel of your site with ease.

It is not only useful, it’s fun.

This page is an example of what you can do with Winner and Visual Composr.

Drag-n-Drop Interface

Simply add content elements like text, images and buttons to your page, and organize them visually with a drag-n-drop interface.

Delete options

Sometimes the creative process needs to start over... Quickly delete all content and start fresh, or simply remove individual elements as needed.

Grid System

Our flexible framework allows up to 6 columns wide! Use any column combination for creative layouts.

3rd Party Plugins Integration

Shortcodes from popular plugins like WooCommerce, ContactForm7, etc. will be automatically loaded on the page builder interface.

Column Height, Gaps and Position

Control height of your columns by applying equal height option. Set gaps between columns or merge them together with one click.

Element cloning

For faster page creation, you can clone any element on the page or clone an entire container. This allows you to quickly duplicate your site content.

Template System

After creating your own unique pages you could save them as a template to use at a later time.

Custom CSS Per Page

You can add custom CSS rules for a particular page or post. You don't need to add them to the global stylesheet.

Design Options

Control how elements look. Set borders, margins, paddings, border radius and background with a few simple clicks.

Custom Post Type Support

The Page Builder can be activated for regular WordPress pages and posts, but also for the theme Custom Post Types.

Start Creating Now

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